Relationship management

Manage suppliers and customers in one system

Are your subcontractors’ certificates still valid? What is the level of your customer satisfaction?

SHEQ Software makes sure you know the answer to these questions anytime, anywhere. Save time, money and resources by managing all your supplier and customer data with one solution.

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By working with your suppliers and contractors in a secured online environment, you can manage all data flawlessly and efficiently.

Maintain grip on external contractors and determine which (main) criteria you use to assess the delivered performances/services.

Manage supplier complaints centrally and handle them through our automated process where you can directly send online forms to the supplier.

Thanks to the automatic follow-up of the validity of the certificates of your suppliers or subcontractors ensures a good (and safe!) cooperation.


Centralize all data of your suspects, prospects and customers and quickly react to all opportunities, questions and issues.

Assign the request to an employee, keep your customer informed and by reminded of its follow-up. Manage your entire sales process from request to invoicing.

Did you – despite all your good care – receive a complaint from a customer? With our automated process you can manage it time-efficiently and assure yourself of a quick and smooth solution.

Create tailored customer satisfaction surveys, send them out and analyze the results without any extra effort.

Register suspects, create call lists and immediately schedule appointments in your calendar. You can also directly send e-mails to potential customers.

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man standing in front of reports and charts


Easily compose project plans thanks to our optimized workflow. No more overflowing folders and papers that get lost. Link related personal protective equipment (PPE), hazard symbols, emergency plans, work equipment and task risk analysys (TRA).

Match clients, contractors and subcontractors, and instantly get their contact information. Effortlessly ensure that all parties involved can consult the project plan by sending an email directly from SHEQ Software.


Suppliers, employees or customers who speak different languages? All communication is automatically done in their preferred language! This communication is stored and traceable at all times.

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