Make time for continuous improvement

Can you claim there is enough time in all your processes for analyzing, reporting and especially following up on your planned actions? Our customers certainly can!

Report, monitor and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your management system.

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Identify issues on the spot

Remove the paperwork burden of reporting so that quality issues can be reported more quickly. Using our app, your employees easily report damaged deliveries, incomplete packaging, unsafe situations, production problems, etc. on the spot, supported with photographs where needed.

Inspections are performed consistently with the help of our app. Non-conformities are instantly available to the responsible teams so they can immediately start analyzing and tackling any problems.

Keep control of your audit program

A visual display of your audit program is the best guarantee for a smooth periodic assessment of your management system. By using templates, you win valuable time during the preparation of your audit.

Review which standards paragraphs have already been audited and which you still need to schedule with one click on the button.

Using our built-in compliance check you go through the requirements of your standards. Any shortcomings are quickly detected and passed on to the responsible parties. The optimal guarantee for a carefree audit!

Easily carry out your audit with the help of our app, and ensure follow-up of any non-conformities through automatic reports. Immediately set up follow-up actions for each audit, and the various teams within your organization are immediately aware of what needs to be done!

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Opt for easy follow-up and monitoring

Once the deviations are known and reported, our software guides your employees through the necessary steps.

Immediately resolve the issue when it arises, analyze the cause of the issue and whether there is a chance of it happening again. Take corrective actions and monitor their effectiveness.

Guarantee efficient management reviews

Each standard defines the minimum input requirements of a management review. In our SHEQ Software library you can simply select the desired report and adapt it to the specific needs within your organization.

The system automatically generates reports based on your data input throughout the year – even across multiple offices. The automated data collection, let’s you save time for the management review itself: 90% decision-making and analysis, 10% administration. Not the other way around!

Directly assign follow-up actions to the responsible individuals. Monitor objectives and KPIs throughout the year with personalized dashboards and automatically generated reports. This enables you to intervene proactively and guarantee a swift response to risks.

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