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By efficiently monitoring your various environment-related processes, you are able to maximize compliance with current standards and environmental legislation.

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Manage your environmental aspect analysis from a to z

Defining and monitoring your environmental objectives is the vital first step towards a sustainable organization.

Based on the inputs (raw materials, energy, etc.) and outputs (product, waste, odour etc.) of your production process, you obtain a clear and transparent overview of the environmental aspects and effects of your company.

Immediately assign areas of concern to different teams within your organization to ensure objectives are always effectively tackled.

Optimal incident and complaint management

Employees can easily report environmental incidents through our app. Received an (external) environmental complaint? Transparent and efficient registration is a crucial cornerstone for a quick solution. Immediately create follow-up actions and guarantee easy monitoring with clear reports.

Digital toolbox meetings and lessons learned can be used to inform all relevant parties (employees, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.) but also to raise awareness of how to prevent such incidents in the future.

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Standardize waste management

The standardized process provides a time-efficient solution for your waste management. Collection, registration, storage and final disposal all follow an automated and standardized workflow. A clear and convenient report provides you with the latest status at all times.

You won’t have to waste any time looking for collection notes, identification forms and invoices.

Manage hazardous materials (sds)

When working with hazardous substances, all data on the product sheets must be transferred to the inventory of hazardous substances. Based on identification data and properties, you can identify health risks, assure risk analyses for chemical agents (RACA) are always carried out at the right time, and so on…

The software supports you in preparing your safety data sheets (SDS) – which you can download from the SHEQ Software library as needed.

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Interested in a digital environmental management system (EMS)?

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