Access to documented information, anytime, anywhere

Managing and maintaining important and mandatory documents such as procedures, instructions, forms… is a time-consuming activity in many companies.

We provide one integrated and secure system, allowing you to keep your administration up-to-date at all times and at all places.

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Automate the creation of your essential documents

Simply create your document and the software will  automatically add the necessary metadata such as publication date, expiration date, version, etc.

Don’t waste any more time finding the right documents.  With our advanced search functionality you get a quick overview of all documents containing a specific term or sentence. This prevents certain documents from not getting updated because they are “floating” somewhere on some shared drive or server.

Thanks to automated version management, you always retain control over published documents. Employees receive direct notifications whenever a new version of an important document is released and are always provided with the latest version of a document.

Manage confidentiallity

Control which employees have access to certain documents and folders. This prevents documents (often containing sensitive business information) from circulating freely within your organization.

You can automate the approval process! Using the approval flow, you can rest assured that documents will only be published if they have been approved by an authorized person.

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Optimize processes

Manage your business processes using “Turtle Diagrams” and visualize the interactions between processes using an overarching process model. This will make explaining a process to a new employee seem like child’s play!

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