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Why choose us?

All about digitalization and efficiency, but unclear on how to achieve it? So many tools on the market, but not sure which option suits you and your business?

We completely understand! To help you make this decision, we’ve listed five points in which SHEQ Software absolutely excels.

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Our expertise shines through

Our software results from years of experience as consultants and auditors in the fields of quality, safety, environment, food safety, information security and energy. This allows SHEQ Software to be the digital expert for all your certification needs:

With our SHEQ Software library, you’ll have access to checklists for inspections, procedures, toolbox meetings, management reviews… Each one compiled based on our expertise and in accordance with your standard.

Need help implementing your digital tool or want some advice on your standard? We’ll support you every step of the way and train your employees so they can work efficiently right away.

Anytime, anywhere available on all screens

Always stay on top of all your processes no matter where you are. All you need is your login to access your system on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.
Using our mobile app, your employees can immediately report observations, incidents, work order requests… from the convenience of their workplace. Also ensure everyone has access to up-to-date procedures, forms and certificates at all times.
No internet on site? With our offline mode, you can perform inspections and last-minute risk assessments (LMRA) and more effortlessly.
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Automated workflows tailored to your business

Automate and simplify your business processes through optimized workflows. The streamlined flow guides all users through the processes in a logical manner, from the notification to the analysis, evaluation and follow-up actions. This allows you to ensure that all necessary steps are taken and nothing is overlooked.

10% Administration, 90% analysis

Don’t waste time on administration and focus on the essentials: analysis, decision-making and improvement. With SHEQ Software you are choosing for efficiency with 90% action and 10% administration. Not the other way around!

Save time with automatically generated reports that are always up-to-date. Personal KPI dashboards also make it easier to follow up on your objectives. That means you always stay in control of your processes and you immediately see opportunities up to the highest level!
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A 100% match with your company

We consider a user-friendly software to be a basic requirement. That is why SHEQ Software goes to great lengths to provide you with customizable settings to create a digital tool that perfectly matches with your company’s processes. Need an additional functionality or a report tailored to your needs? No problem, we also offer customization.
Additionally, it is also possible to link your SHEQ Software system with other tools (personnel management, suppliers, customers etc).
Several branches and/or active in multiple countries? With our multi-site solutions you always maintain an overview of your entire organization with integrated reports and graphs!
The software is currently available in 8 languages. This means that each user can work in their preferred language at all times;

Why "only" 5 reasons?

Discover reason 6, 7, 8… in a free demo of our software.